Community Room - Make a Booking

If you would like to use the Community Room please complete the below booking request form.

Please note that all bookings are subject to the following conditions:

  • Approval of all bookings is at the discretion of the PBC.
  • Booking priority is given to the PBC and subsidiary bodies corporate committees.
  • An approved booking must be confirmed in advance of any use. 
  • The booking request cannot conflict or overlap with an existing booking. Please refer to the Community Room Booking Calendar on this site to check availability.
  • Community-related activities are permitted at the discretion of the PBC. 
  • No fee can be imposed for the use of the Community Room.
Acceptance of Terms and Conditions
If your request for use of the Community Room is confirmed, you agree to abide by the Rules and Conditions of Use of the Community Room, as follows: 
  • No food, drink or alcohol is permitted in the Community Room - bottled water and coffee & tea in take-out containers with lids are exempt.
  • All rubbish is to be removed at the end of a booking.
  • Lights, fans and air conditioning must be turned off at the switches, just inside the front door, at the end of a booking.
  • The front window blind is to be left in the up-position.
  • The front door is to be securely locked and the key returned to the key safe. The key safe code must be left unrevealed.
  • The tables and chairs are to be returned to their original places.
  • The room is to be left - clean, neat and tidy.
  • Pets/animals are not allowed, except as permitted by law; that is, certified Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Assistance Dogs. Therapy (comfort) dogs do not have access rights.
  • The "resident" making the booking for the Community Room is responsible for enforcing the rules during use, for any damages incurred, and for the cost of additional cleaning if required.