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Please see the Minutes of the PBC Committee Meeting held on 7 February 2024 including Facility Manager's Report

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Please see the Minutes of the PBC Committee Meeting held on 29 Nov 2023 including the Facility Manager's Report. (click to read)

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The Emerald Lakes CGCC Golf Buggy Permit 1-9-23 to 31-8-2024

please click above links for the Permit & Registration Form

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Please see PBC Committee Meeting held on 22 August 2023 - Minutes (click to read). 

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Please see PBC Committee Meeting held on 9 August 2023 - Minutes (click to read). 

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The PBC are connecting to the GCCC recycled water infrastructure for the irrigation of our gardens and trials have commenced. It is expected that the system will be fully commissioned on Thursday 29 June 2023.

The recycled water quality is "Class A" and is approved by the Health Department for our residential community’s gardens and lawns. This new water supply will be subject to regular ongoing quality control by the GCCC to ensure water quality. Further information about this product is available on the GCCC website.

Prior to this recycled water connection, our garden water had been sourced from the dam located next to Lot 101 and unfortunately the water quality let us down regularly - being prone to drought; and salinification due to percolation/seepage from the adjacent saltwater lake. Such salty water can affect infrastructure, turf and plants. Also, in time of drought the water level was often too low to be usable and there were ongoing maintenance issues with weed control, aeration and the pump supply line.

This new recycled water infrastructure will not be subject to any of these concerns so is future proofing our community for a continuous quality garden and turf water supply.

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FACILITY MANAGER'S REPORT - as presented at the PBC AGM on 23 May 2023 (click to read)

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To All Residents – Emerald Lakes

There has been a significant increase in the number of complaints from residents and contractors that owners are not picking up after their animals.  Unfortunately, poop is being left on grassed areas which is causing concern to residents and in particular, the maintenance team who mow the areas.

This is a major problem, and all animal owners must take responsibility to clean up any mess left by their pets.

The gardening team has now advised that they cannot mow areas where dog poop is located any longer as it creates a health hazard for the individuals.

It is acknowledged that the vast majority of pet owners take their responsibilities seriously and clean up after their animals.  This email is directed to those that may not be quite so vigilant.  If you are an investor owner, please pass this to your property manager.

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Newsletter for all residents of Emerald Lakes.

Hello everyone on this beautiful first day of autumn.

Over the past few months, the media has written extensively about “youth crime” both on the Gold Coast and the surrounding areas and whilst the residents of Emerald Lakes have experienced some of that, we have been reasonably lucky so hopefully that continues. Please be mindful with your cars and possessions. Don’t leave car keys in the car. Lock the doors entering your home. However having said that, the Estate has experienced some of the crime; Lot 101 was broken into, the gate destroyed and items removed. That occasioned new security cameras being installed and a new gate, we have not had any more trouble, let’s hope that continues. It’s disturbing to hear about residents encountering crime.

The painting Contractors, Higgins, who are doing work on the Commercial building had equipment stolen last weekend and that’s not a good look for Emerald Lakes With all of this front of mind, when a phone call came through from Meaghan Scanlon, the State Government member for Gaven, and the question was asked “what is one item that disturbs our residents”, crime had to be near the top of the list. The conversation lasted about 40 minutes and it was productive for the Estate.

Meaghan, as many of you know, was once a resident of the Town Centre Residential so she is aware of how the Estate works and is, in some way, sympathetic to the cause. She offered some sound advice but more importantly she had a member of the local Police station, at Nerang, call to speak about the issues the residents experience in the Estate. The Police Sergeant offered some sound advice as well, she also offered a pathway of telephone numbers and an online manner of reporting anything, which as a resident, had caused concern.

The contact numbers are:

If a crime is happening now, a life is threatened, or an offender is still in the area call Triple 000. If a crime has happened to you, file a Police report via Policelink and the Police will contact you. 

or phone:

Nerang Police Station: 55 038999

A hot line on 131444. Emergency 000.

Online: at “report a crime” via Policelink.

The Estate has also been promised some more regular patrols, a police presence, not just in the village or through the village but onto and around the Islands. Because Emerald Lakes is a private Estate, though not gated, the Police are not required to patrol our streets so this is being done courtesy of the request made through the State Member. Thank you Meaghan Scanlon. 

Take good care, please record the information supplied and use it if required.

For and on behalf of The Principal Body Corporate

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A reminder to all Residents (Owners &  Tenants) and Visitors about the Emerald Lakes Parking Regulations: - 

  • No parking on yellow lines
  • Visitor/Contractor parking only on the street and in visitor parking spaces
  • Residents (Owners & Tenants) must not park on the street or in visitor parking spaces
  • Residents (Owners & Tenants) must park their vehicles in their own garage/lot

Please be mindful and considerate of other residents and visitors as you park your vehicles in Emerald Lakes

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