Car Parking

The majority of vehicle parking bays located on the streets of Emerald Lakes are owned and operated by the Principal Body Corporate.

 These parking bays are for visitors - of residents and businesses within the Emerald Lakes community. 


Emerald Lakes residents are required to park within their garage  or property boundary. Residents are not permitted to park in any visitor car parking spaces or on common property. Residents may only park in their allocated parking space.

No parking is permitted on any yellow line throughout the Emerald Lakes Estate, including the yellow lines on the two Islands. 

Vehicle parking requirements are outlined within the Principal Body Corporate By-Laws. 

If you have queries regarding parking within your residential apartment building, please contact your caretaker or body corporate representative. 


Principal Body Corporate parking spaces are for visitors only. They are not to be used by business owners or their staff.  

If you are a business and require parking for staff, please contact your leasing agent or caretaker for parking needs within your commercial building. 


1.     Residents & retail/commercial tenants must park in their allocated parking space.

2.     Visitor car parking spaces are provided for visitors only.

3.     Do not park on any yellow line throughout the Emerald Lakes Estate.

4.     Some Body Corporate areas have their own visitor parking and therefore their own parking time limits and guidelines.  Please refer to your individual Body Corporate Committee if you are unsure.