PBC Committee

The Principal Body Corporate Committee is comprised of a maximum of 12 of the 15 member bodies corporate within the Estate duly nominated and elected. The elected member bodies corporate then each nominate one person from their own committee to represent them on the PBC Committee.

The committee member bodies corporate are elected at each Annual General Meeting, usually held in April/May, from nominations received from the subsidiary bodies corporate. 

If you are an owner who has a keen interest to support Emerald Lakes and would like to volunteer, speak to your Body Corporate Chairman for more information.

The 2022/2023 PBC Committee is made up of representatives from the following subsidiary bodies corporate: 

  • Seachange
  • The Islands
  • The Islands Apartments
  • The Quays
  • The Village Residential
  • The Hillside Residences
  • The Island Villas
  • Town Centre Residential
  • The Vistas